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Brianna Marie Vidal United States

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About me

Hi ! My name is Brianna I'm 18 && I'm a graduate of class of "2010" =D I live in Florida :) I have a boyfriend of 3 years <3 (= He lives in Puerto Rico && his name is "Jonathan Ortiz" && I love him very much =) We visit eachother whenever it's possible =) He used to live in Florida but, moved back to Puerto Rico a year && some weeks ago . We miss eachother more than anything :) Well, I actually like making these glogs :) They're very creative && there's many ways they can be used :)


Laid Back .
I Love to Party With My Amigas (=
&& Spending Time With My Novio When We're With Eachother is a M U S T =D


I Love All Kinds of Music (=

Movies and TV:

The Sweetest Thing && The Notebook = The Best Movies E V E R !

Bad Girls Club
One Tree Hill
You're Cut Off
Dad Camp


Soft Ball :)


Dancing ! I Love to D A N C E ! It's My Passion (= It Frees Me (=


I'm always hyper && outgoing so I guess I'm random too [lOl) 051407 is THEE date of {AMOR.} ;P haha ! && 020592 is THEE date to come bearing gifts to ME (= hehe !


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